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Projects need funding in China

No. 1: 200,000 Kilowatts Wind Power Plant 


1) Project Name: 200,000 KW wind power plant


2) Background:


Wind power generation is environment friendly. It's a great replacement for traditional method of generating power using petroleum and coal. With the increasing awareness of environment protection and demand for oil and coal in China, wind power, together with hydro and nuclear power, has become more and more important to the sustained development of China's economy.


The planned construction site is located in the vast grasslands, which is very rich in wind resources suitable for wind power generating. This area has been designated by the government as one of the key areas for wind power development. And this project has been recommended by the government.


It's expected the project will help save more than 200,000 tons of quality coal.


This area is basically agriculture based and underdeveloped. The wind power plant will greatly enhance its economy. And as a side benefit, it is expected to boost the tourism industry in the area as well.


3) Construction Plan: The whole project will take four phases (one phase one year). A total of 133 1500kw wind power generators will be installed, with 33 installed for the first phase.


4) Total Investment: USD247 million, with USD62 million for the first phase.


5) Way of Cooperation: joint venture, foreign loan, equipment (power generators )or as agreed. They are  sourcing 1500kw power generators right now. 





No. 2: Real Estate Development Project


1) Project Introduction: 


This project will be constructed in the busy, densely populated area in a major industrial city, with good utility infrastructures. 


2) Construction Plan: Total covered area of 14.6 ha.  223,000 sq meters for residential buildings, 49,000 sq m for commercial purpose and 16,000 sq m half-underground garage.


3) Total investment: USD 54.70 million


4) Way of Cooperation: loan or as agreed.










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